Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tomgirl Series | America to Germany

The Tomgirl Series | America to Germany

Less than two weeks remain before I am headed to Germany! I can hardly contain myself. Last night I bought my luggage, a set from, yes, American Tourister. I remember loving this brand when I was a kid. The lock tabs were my favorite obsession. Baby blue. I started a collection of old Samsonite AT suitcases and so far have 3, but these would not be practical for trips through foreign airports, so I thought I get a modern one with wheels. They usually run about $200 or more but I got them on sale for $64! They definitely don't have the classic look, but reading American Tourister in its original branding is still nice to see. My one carry on that is vintage looks like the one in the picture except it is burgundy and I use it as a purse mostly. Anyway, I have most of these items (except for those shoes which I want badly!!), and I don't think you have to sacrifice travel style in order to be comfortable. It really is about keeping it simple and cohesive. 


  1. What a great outfit... this would be perfect for traveling in style! I agree that you don't have to wear pajamas to the airport in order to survive a long-haul flight ;) I hope you have a great time in Germany... it will be so beautiful during the holiday season!

    1. Thanks Ellie! Your comments are so much appreciated! I hope you have a fabulous holiday season! Can't wait to show pics!