Friday, November 15, 2013

LIFE | Fashion Show

I cannot believe it has already almost been a week since the fashion show (sorry I did not keep you ladies as well informed as I wanted to. The last month got really crazy and hectic)! There were some hiccups before, during, and after the show, but otherwise the show was amazing. I set the bar at 100 and all those involved decided to take it 100 steps higher and exceed even my own imagination. There were tears. And almost an ugly cry. But I made it through to the end. I got to style Great Gatsby, which is not what I would have liked to have done with the million hats I had on (yes next year I am locking in on an assistant). Here are a few photos from last weekend that was with Great Gatsby. Special thanks to Holly Harris, Jessie Sander, The Originative, Carilee Spence, Demarco Films, Andre Bohrer on lighting, Ariel Clarke, and all the models and volunteers who helped make this all possible!