Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Helicopter in the Sky,
Not sure if someone broke out of jail, or if there was a car chase, or if there was a fire somewhere, but you cut into my precious sleep time which I get so little of. Mostly because I let my imagination get the better of me and wonder what mayhem was happening outside of my window. Next time, can you hover when I am not asleep or at home?

Dear Quiet Graphics Lab students,
Thank you for keeping your talking to a wonderful silence, and your printing to a minimum. My introverted soul thanks you!

Dear Carlito,
Way to disrupt the serenity in the lab. You are on my list.

Dear Ashante,
Your sweet little note you left on the neck of mouthwash made me tear up. You are irreplaceable little sister. Te quiero mucho!

Dear Google Maps,
I am so excited to know that Bielefeld is less than three hours away from Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. That would be lovely to try and get to all three countries while in Europe. Lets make it happen!

Dear Laura,
I love you for trying to set me up on blind dates in Germany, but chances are most of your acquaintances will be far too young for me to even consider and I will be far too old for them to agree to such a silly notion. Danke aber nein danke, bitte.


  1. so you're going to europe soon!? that's so exciting. when do you go?

    also, CONGRATS because you won the 200x200 ad space on my blog! what's your e-mail so i can send you the details?

    1. AAAHH!! Are yo serious? Awesome! it is And I leave December 11th and will be gone for almost a month! I am so ridiculously excited I can hardly contain myself!