Monday, November 12, 2012

ATTIRE | Dressing for Formal Weddings

This is not a how to post. Its a "how do I" post. Formal engagements to me involved proms and banquets with ballroom style gowns of tulle and silk. I never wore those dresses again accept for maybe one which was to another banquet (Princess Kate isn't the only Princess of Second Wears). But for a formal wedding...what's the protocol for that? I asked my friend, who is the one getting married how "formal" the wedding was supposed to be and he said "Well I guess its pretty formal. I will be wearing a VERA WANG (emphasis by me, not him) tux."

Oh. So its THAT formal. The venue itself is quite grand as it was the former mansion of Osama bin Laden's brother that lived in Winter Garden. Yep. So how do I dress for such a regal location and event, without looking like I am trying to show up the bride? I know that I want to do a long dress because I always go to these events in a shorter dress and its going to be in December, by a lake, in 50 degree Florida weather. Yes. Florida does get cold and when you are by water, its even colder. So we are talking an out just shy of a red carpet event.

My muse. Emma Watson. That boyish looking pixie has so much feminine charm in her baby finger than I have in my entire body. Disgusting, but I love her grace and her impeccable style. Anyway, I would like to edge it up a little bit in the makeup depot, but keep it classy in the wardrobe. Any suggestions as far as where to find a dress that I could wear again in a dressed down manner?

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