Thursday, April 25, 2013

BLOG | Liebster Award

I have received a Liebster Award! I was nominated by Beauty O'holic Thanks, Meredith! Did not quite know what it was until recently, but basically its an award that helps me and others check new bloggers out there in blogville that they haven't heard of before. It took me a while to compile my list of nominees after receiving this, so that's why I am so late in responding.

11 Random Facts About Myself:

  1. I giggle a lot at old slapstick comedy.
  2. I don't have a favorite color. I have "mood" colors that go in and out every three months.
  3. I wear a night guard at night.
  4. I graduated with a degree in Political Science before becoming a graphic designer.
  5. I have one biological sister and three adopted brothers.
  6. I have been told I should enter body building competitions.
  7. I still write checks like I am 75.
  8. I used to wear mumu dresses all the time in college.
  9. I could recite both Anne of Green Gables and its sequel by heart.
  10. I am 29 and have never been on a date.
  11. I am allergic to fish...but I eat it anyway.
My Questions Answered:

  • When did you start your blog? Summer 2012
  • Favorite color(s)? #2 of random facts
  • Favorite quote? I like people who make me like them. Saves me so much trouble in forcing myself to like them. --Anne of Green Gables
  • Do you do anything productive in your spare time? If so, what? Pinterest. I know most don't consider that productive, but as a Graphic Designer its almost a vital thing for me!
  • What food do you dislike most? Boiled spinach
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully married and doing what I love to do
  • Why did you start your blog? Because my friends kept hounding me about starting a blog about my style...hahaha I don't even know if any of them read this!
  • How often do you go to the beach? Rarely, its a 45 minute drive and the drive alone tires me out so that I don't even enjoy the beach like I want to.
  • What is the furthest place you have traveled, with or without your family? Italy.
  • How far did you go in school? Bachelors degree
  • How often do you write blogs? Often when something is not preoccupying my time!

  • Nominee Questions:

    1. If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would do differently?
    2. What is your favorite hobby?
    3. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
    4. Who/what do you look to as a source of inspiration?
    5. If today you were served your last meal, what would you request?
    6. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    7. What is your favorite "pick me up" movie to watch?
    8. Which do you prefer to go shopping for: clothes, shoes, accessories, hair products, or makeup?
    9. Where were you born?
    10. From where does your family originate from?
    11. Do you have a favorite animal? If so, what is it?
    My nominees:


    • Post 11 Random facts about yourself
    • Answer the 11 questions the person that nominated you asked
    • Go back to the person that nominated you and let them know you have answered their questions with a link to the answers
    • Ask 11 questions for the bloggers you are going to nominate
    • Nominate 11 bloggers with few followers
    • Go to their blog and mention you have nominated them and provide a link to find the questions you have asked them and to find out more
    • No tag backs

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    LIFE | Happy Thoughts

    My birthday this year was amazing. My parents surprised me. I cried. We dressed up. Had dinner in Neverland with friends. I enjoyed my weekend of lovely happy thoughts. I think I could fly.

    Yep that's the dynamic duo of The Originative in the back right and J.O. of WillardRandall in the front right.

    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    LIFE | Birthday Outfit Ideas

    One of my favorite childhood movies is HOOK, the continuing story of Peter Pan. Tomorrow I will be 29. I am excited and scared at the same time because I feel like I have been in my twenties forever, so this being my last year before I can no longer say "I'm twenty___" really zoomed me into the realization that I am getting older. That time is continually chasing after me. It is sobering. Saturday, I am having a HOOK inspired birthday party. Adult attire, but child inspired. Friends will dress up as either a lost boy, indian or a pirate. I was torn between being Peter Pan or Wendy. I am going shopping with my friend Chelsea, so I am looking for some inspiration.

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    ACCESSORIES | Talk to the hand

    Life has been busy. I have a MacBeth play to help manage. Fashion show to organize. Book 2 to finish. Branding. Birthday planning. Getting old. And a plethora of other things. Wanna keep up with my crazy life check out my IG for life little lemons and lemonades. Now that I have thoroughly bored with my little commercial, on to the jewelry!

    Fort Standard


    Tuesday, April 2, 2013