Friday, January 31, 2014


no rants about this commercialized month.

if i just take away the thought of having to see a whole aisle dressed in reds and pinks and chocolates and bears, and just focus on the fact that its a month to love, my perspective on the subject of valentine's broadens.

28 days of loving. intentionally. without reservations. i have been trying to understand what that looks like for me. maybe it isn't just about loving people, but loving life, loving the things that excite.  big or small.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


so i decided for a shorter look. chitty chitty bang-bangs too. 
the whole look is growing on me. i haven't had short bangs since 2007 when i decided to grow my hair out. chin length bobs were my go to styles for a really long time until about five years ago.

i must say this is totally out of my element. after the deed was done and i had to face myself, i realized how incredibly modern this look was and i thought "oh man that means i am really going to have to put forth an effort now." yup. the downside to pinterest is that its search engine does not quite recognize "simple outfits that go with blunt bangs and bob". primitive.

making a public appearance at the smoothie room
kidnapping a friend and going on mini adventures in photobooths

Friday, January 24, 2014


spent christmas in pensacola with the folks. a lot has changed and so much has stayed the same. i spent most of the holidays at a new coffee shop, the bodacious brew, or photo sniping places of my youth or old ruins on the beach. funny how much i wanted to get away from this place, but its dullness of activity is something i think quite fondly of now.

finally snagged these photos of me from the sister. we went exploring on well known spots in pensacola including graffiti bridge and bay view park.

coat :: hm

nike kicks :: dsw

purse :: forever21
shades :: forever 21

accessories :: hm

Monday, January 20, 2014


i like to sleep as long as possible. and to the point where it leaves me very little time to spend time on my face. last year for my birthday i purchased my first mary kay products that knocked out at least two extra steps for me in the morning. yes i am lazy like that. but my face should not suffer for it. 

3 in 1 cleanser that tones my face, which i do twice a day. 2 part microdermabrasion is a twice a week sort of thing. its the only thing that hasn't created scars on my face like exfoliating products have in the past.

makeup is the same way. i have gotten it down to under 8 minutes with no more than the use of 5 items: foundation, mascara, blush, lip, and sometimes shadow. the point is not to look bedazzled like a MAC painting. minimalism is key with the purpose to look more put together than i actually am. all of a sudden, no body knows that i am wearing sweats with different colored socks.

foundation:: maybeline fit 355 eye shadow:: ulta lipstick:: mac "spirit" or "chili" blush: mac "sunbasque sheertone shimmer " mascara:: rimmel extra super lash

     there is not much difference between the two except that my face is half a shade darker in the after (the difficulties of finding an exact match for my skin tone). but it is enough to make me look like i am fully awake. my point is minimalism. and to not have to draw on any facial features of any kind, meaning lips, highlights, shadows (no contouring for me. don't have time) or brows.

    i have been asked (and sometimes told) to get my eyebrows done. i have been prodded about this most of my life and have been told i have bushman eyebrows, that i would actually look pretty if i arched them, and many other things. it actually makes me laugh because they think i should pay heed to their advice and taunts. i am not opposed to a well arched eyebrow. but i am ok with my "bushman brows". jennifer connelly is my hero. i go to the salon maybe once or twice a year and spend the rest of the time trying to grow back my brows because too much was taken off. i want to avoid having vulcan-like eyebrows, thanks.

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    S H O E S

    boot-boot-sneaker-boot-oxford-sneaker-sneaker. what is missing in this sequence? i have been neglecting my need for a good pump. time to hit up nine west. make my feet sing.

    Friday, January 10, 2014

    S P O R T

    four days ago, i got to witness my former college win the national championship in football. a triumph only accomplished two other times within the last twenty years. they said we couldn't do it despite our perfect 13-0 season. four days ago we proved them wrong.

    i screamed until i grew nauseous when we scored a 100-yd touchdown off a punt return with 5 minutes remaining in the game. and when we scored the winning touchdown with less than a minute to play, i went crazy. i cried. i was dizzy. i was buzzed. i even bought a not-worth-a-buck-fifty local newspaper just to have the article about my team plastered on the front.

    to be honest, when i was younger, i hated football. but my dad liked to watch it and i liked spending time with him, so i started asking him what everything was. suddenly, i knew what a first down was, and now i could cheer with everyone else with purpose. the game was no longer dull. even golf became nail biting. golf.

     i know this means squat to most of my readers. sports on a girl's blog is not too common and i will spare you the play by play. i'll even throw you a bone and say i wore a grey monochromatic look with a boucle coat, heels and a splash of garnet and gold in my scarf to show off my team spirit. but this is me and what i enjoy and it should not make this a less feminine post.

    go noles!

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    B O D Y

    40.5. 34. 26. 38.
    shoulders. bust. waist. hips.
    just shy of a perfect hour glass,  but my shoulders leave my tops draping shapelessly off them like they were on a hanger. (now there is an understanding of why i abhor shoulder pads) more fitted tops draw more attention to them and i end up looking like an inverted triangle. most of the time i do not notice it, but when i opt for skinny jeans and a baggy top, it becomes apparent that i have cadillac shoulders, and from behind i give off the appearance that i am a slender man. 

    no bueno.

    but i like my loose fitted items. i also don't like looking like a boy. *le sigh*. more v-necks says one. full skirts says another. am i a fruit or a keeper of time or a pythagorean equation? they make it so complicated, and their suggestions of styles to wear do not suit my tastes.

    mitigate the breadth of my shoulders (or look less like a boy from behind).
    elongate my torso.

    how can i make this happen in a state of simplicity and still keep my sweaters and sweatshirts?

    oversized sweater that extends past my hips, but is slimming at the waist

     raglan. duh. why didn't i think of this sooner?
    thin sweaters where the shoulder line extends past my shoulders
    ok. i can breathe. change doesn't look too bad now.

    Wednesday, January 1, 2014

    R E V I S I O N

    i had a conversation with a friend several nights ago, while my car ran for hours in her driveway. the journey of becoming a woman. being a woman, well i am not sure what that looks like, but i do not think it is all frills and dolls.

    i want to be comfortable being woman. the natural flirtation. the strength in my form and not just my words. being okay with being pretty. i have shunned this part of myself for so long, and i am embarrassed to draw attention to myself.

    i have come a long way from baggy clothes. from hiding. from invisibility. but i still haven't quite stepped out, all eyes on me. unnerving. but i can merge the two. i can be the woman in a sports sweatshirt and a pair of heels.

    so this is the new chapter of my blog. the new chapter of me. on becoming.

    here's to looking forward.