Wednesday, November 7, 2012

50 Dollar Challenge | Greys and Denim

So I couldn't find the pieces I originally wanted for this look, but I happened to be wearing the shirt and pants along with a sweater and thought, this might work with my kicks! I am a very casual person and walking around in heels all day isn't the best option for me, I have to jazz it up with some jewelry I have laying around the house and add a little makeup just so I at least look like I meant to dress like this. I consider this my "bum" look because I am super dressed down, but if I accessorize just right, I look a little more put together.

Denim Button Up Shirt--3.99 Salvation Army (Originally from Target)
Grey Denim Pants--10.98 Forever21
Baby Phat Tennis Shoes--12.99

Grand Total:: $27.96

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