Friday, November 30, 2012

50 Dollar Challenge | Home on the Range

Photo by Frankie Alduino
This is my bummed out casual day. I tend to be more tomboyish than tomgirlish on these kind of days, but I try to make them look somewhat interesting with some kind of accessory. I was kind of vibing off of Tom Sawyer meets True Grit. And the setting was perfect for the outfit. Normally the hay bales are not there, but today when Frankie and I were driving around for locations, I noticed that this spot had added the hay since the last time I saw it and I saw Frankie's eyes salivating. Anyway, a  momentary pause of my ramblings to give the price check:

Army Green Wool Blazer:: Goodwill 5.99
Mossimo Denim Shirt:: Salvation Army 4.99
Forever21 Jeans:: (old purchase 10.98 so not included in challenge)
Wide Brim Hat:: Target (old purchase 19.99)
Bass suede moccasin boots:: (old purchase 24.99)

So, aside from the old purchases that weren't made within the last 3 months, I ended up only spending about $11 on my whole outfit for the month of November for an outfit! Hey, I am getting better at this!


The Fridays seem to come a lot faster these days. December is knocking at November's door, eagerly awaiting to come in and take up residency in the grand house of '12.

Dear God,
I appreciate your patience with me. I especially appreciate the strength you have given me this week to emerge from my shell this year and do things I had become cold to the idea of it all.

Dear Mum,
I enjoyed talking to you on the phone Wednesday. Thank you for making me laugh with your wit. I can see I get that from you.

Dear Dad,
AAAH! I love you so much! (And not because of your thin blood ;p ) I am sooo thankful I get to have relationship with a dad who isn't afraid to talk openly about my relationships with guys and offers sound advice as far as how I can grow in a healthy way in that department. Refreshing!

Dear OCLS,
So sad about my last day of interning with you. I am so grateful for the exposure given to me and the freedom to explore my creativity. I hope to work with you soon!

Dear Scratchy throat,
HA! You thought you were going to get me down for the whole week, but you epically failed!

Dear Argo Tea with Ginger bits in it at the 7eleven off 1792,
Um you are pretty much amazing. Thank you for being a small contributing factor to helping me rid of the scratchy throat. Ginger love.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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The Tomgirl Series | America to Germany

The Tomgirl Series | America to Germany

Less than two weeks remain before I am headed to Germany! I can hardly contain myself. Last night I bought my luggage, a set from, yes, American Tourister. I remember loving this brand when I was a kid. The lock tabs were my favorite obsession. Baby blue. I started a collection of old Samsonite AT suitcases and so far have 3, but these would not be practical for trips through foreign airports, so I thought I get a modern one with wheels. They usually run about $200 or more but I got them on sale for $64! They definitely don't have the classic look, but reading American Tourister in its original branding is still nice to see. My one carry on that is vintage looks like the one in the picture except it is burgundy and I use it as a purse mostly. Anyway, I have most of these items (except for those shoes which I want badly!!), and I don't think you have to sacrifice travel style in order to be comfortable. It really is about keeping it simple and cohesive. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WISH LIST | Black Tailored Ankle Trousers

To me these are a MUST. One because they are classic and will never go out of style. Two because I can dress them up or down. Slim fit please!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TRENDING | Coveralls

This isn't a look for everyone. It screams the 90s. But the once grungy style can be simplified, tailored, and dressed up a bit to give a look that says, "Yes, I am relaxed and comfortable, but I doesn't mean I should look like a bum."


Friday, November 23, 2012


Mum, my sister, and I went out after dinner to the early doorbusters. We really didn't wait outside. Sears was pretty organized and had some nice deals. We walked out of there with 2 wool coats, 2 boots, and a vest in under an hour. Target was a mess and we didn't bother waiting. Bealls was the only place we stood outside, but we had a few characters who were very entertaining. Nothing came of it and we came home because Dad wanted to go to Alabama on Friday for outlet shopping. I will post my finds soon!

LIFE| Post Dinner

Dinner was light this year. Because dad is limited on items with Vitamin K, Mum made cornish hens, dad made some yummy cornbread stuffing muffins, my sister made brussel sprouts and potatoes and I made a mac and cheese empenada concoction. It was well received. Now to walk it off with some Black Thursday deals as I will be sleeping on Friday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Two months ago, I received a frightening call from my mum that my father was taken to the hospital after coughing up blood that morning. Doctors found multiple clots in his lungs and had he not come in when he did there was a huge possibility that he would have had an aneurism and died. I was so thankful and so thankful that God had another plan for him.

Monday evening my boss' brother died. He had been sick for a while, but his sudden death was still unexpected. As I sat there flooded with compassion for my boss who was already wanting to isolate himself from everyone but his wife and kids, I thought about my father's close encounter with death and what it would have been like had God's plan had been different than the one I see before me now. I know it would have been hard, but at the same time, I am confident as to where my father's eternity would have been spent and I know where my comfort and peace would have come from.

So I am thankful for the relationship I have with God who grants peace regardless the outcome. I am so thankful I get another Thanksgiving with my father.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TRENDING | Leather




INSPIRATION | Typographic Tees

I never quite understood women getting glammed to go to a grocery store or to the gas station. Casual is never really an option for them. Dress to impress even to smell how ripe a melon is. I used to be all sweats and tees, usually college tees. Now that I am older, I'd rather not get mistaken for a college freshman, but I still want to put as little effort into my clothing when participating in mundane every day activities. Wearing a typographic/graphic tee doesn't have to be a faux pas anymore!


Monday, November 19, 2012

STYLE CRUSH | Song of Style

What do you get when you mix preppy le femme with edgy vagabond? Aimee Song. She takes the concept "relaxed" and adds studs and a heel to it. I don't find her to be flashy at all and when she is dressing up, she still looks like little effort was put into her looking fabulous. AND she has a super sweet disposition to go along with her fabulous wardrobe! She is Tomgirl #2.

MONDAY MOMENTS | Avoiding Awkwardness

Pardon the double paired alliteration. This post has a question that will soon follow, but first I must preface it with a story. I have had my share of crushes as a girl, but as far as really liking a guy there have only been four that I really liked beyond physical attraction, my ex not included (I know crazy). I have been in one relationship that was nearly nine years ago and haven't been in one since. I have never been on a date (you see why my ex is my ex? lol he never asked me out on a date EVER). I get guys who will want to hang out all of the time, but most don't think I am interested in them so they don't take the risk. But in the meantime they sure are interested through their actions, and when I question them about it, I get a "No I am just being friendly". Not my idea of friendly.

Anyway, you can see how that could make a person go on lock down with their emotions if no one is trying to take the sword out of the stone. So I am extremely rusty when it comes to being normal around a guy I am actually attracted to. I have heard "Just be yourself. That's what he likes about you." Bless their little hearts. They did not get the preface. If they did, they would realize there is a war going on inside of me that is fighting to be open or comfortably closed off). I turn into that thirteen year old that actually gets aggravated around the guy that I like especially when he is actually showing me attention. I am sure he thinks I am crazy because I'm off and on like a light switch, and with uncertainty, the light keeps flickering and he is left utterly confused as if I am playing a game of Red Light, Green Light.

God has been a blessing in teaching me how to be vulnerable, but there are always hiccups. My question to my readers (who are all married I think) is did you ever go through this when you first met your spouse, and if so what did you do about it without revealing so much of the mystique about yourself?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Helicopter in the Sky,
Not sure if someone broke out of jail, or if there was a car chase, or if there was a fire somewhere, but you cut into my precious sleep time which I get so little of. Mostly because I let my imagination get the better of me and wonder what mayhem was happening outside of my window. Next time, can you hover when I am not asleep or at home?

Dear Quiet Graphics Lab students,
Thank you for keeping your talking to a wonderful silence, and your printing to a minimum. My introverted soul thanks you!

Dear Carlito,
Way to disrupt the serenity in the lab. You are on my list.

Dear Ashante,
Your sweet little note you left on the neck of mouthwash made me tear up. You are irreplaceable little sister. Te quiero mucho!

Dear Google Maps,
I am so excited to know that Bielefeld is less than three hours away from Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark. That would be lovely to try and get to all three countries while in Europe. Lets make it happen!

Dear Laura,
I love you for trying to set me up on blind dates in Germany, but chances are most of your acquaintances will be far too young for me to even consider and I will be far too old for them to agree to such a silly notion. Danke aber nein danke, bitte.

Monday, November 12, 2012

ATTIRE | Dressing for Formal Weddings

This is not a how to post. Its a "how do I" post. Formal engagements to me involved proms and banquets with ballroom style gowns of tulle and silk. I never wore those dresses again accept for maybe one which was to another banquet (Princess Kate isn't the only Princess of Second Wears). But for a formal wedding...what's the protocol for that? I asked my friend, who is the one getting married how "formal" the wedding was supposed to be and he said "Well I guess its pretty formal. I will be wearing a VERA WANG (emphasis by me, not him) tux."

Oh. So its THAT formal. The venue itself is quite grand as it was the former mansion of Osama bin Laden's brother that lived in Winter Garden. Yep. So how do I dress for such a regal location and event, without looking like I am trying to show up the bride? I know that I want to do a long dress because I always go to these events in a shorter dress and its going to be in December, by a lake, in 50 degree Florida weather. Yes. Florida does get cold and when you are by water, its even colder. So we are talking an out just shy of a red carpet event.

My muse. Emma Watson. That boyish looking pixie has so much feminine charm in her baby finger than I have in my entire body. Disgusting, but I love her grace and her impeccable style. Anyway, I would like to edge it up a little bit in the makeup depot, but keep it classy in the wardrobe. Any suggestions as far as where to find a dress that I could wear again in a dressed down manner?

DESIGN | Christmas cards

I know I am skipping a holiday, but I have to start making my cards before December gets here otherwise I am writing more IOUs than MC2Us. These I hand drew scanned them in and then added a little color to them and then had them printed on watercolor paper.

Friday, November 9, 2012

INSPIRATION | Fall Wardrobe

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot with Frankie again to create my Fall wardrobe lookbook items for you! To keep within budget I will be pulling from JCPennys, Target, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. There will be six looks that range from my bum casual look, casual look, tomgirl, business casual, business smart, and cocktail hour. Here are some of my inspirations:


032c Magazine Fall/Winter 2012 Model: Edie Campbell Photographer: Alasdair McLellan Fashion Editor: Joe McKenna