Monday, December 24, 2012

Tomgirl Series | All I want for Christmas

Tomgirl Series | All I want for Christmas

Mango oversized top
$49 -

AllSaints short coat

Nixon gold jewelry

Nikon 1 Cameras

Today I am celebrating Christmas on its Eve as is  customary here in Germany. It really does not seem strange at all to be spending Christmas away from my parents as sister as I feel so at home here! I had to do a little more shopping today, but not too much. While in Bremen, the girls took me to Primark where I got a few things they don't have in the States, aaaannnd I got my first Zara purchase for the wedding I have to attend when I get back. It is a dress, just below the knee, vneck, and with long sleeves. The material is quite versatile so I do not have to worry about not being able to wear it again! I was on the hunt for a military structured coat, but have not been able to find one in my price range even though there are a ton of them over here. Leather pants, they have become so chic when worn right. Still want some lace up wedges. I think they are so dope. Anyway time to go spend time with the family. What do you all wish for Christmas?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

TRAVEL | Berlin

Sorry I haven't been as steadfast about posting my outfits. I have barely been able to sit down and take a picture of my outfits. Not to worry as soon as I get some down time, I will post the outfits I have been wearing for the past week! For now here are some pics from Berlin!

berlin wall

Friday, December 21, 2012

OOTD | Day 4

Second day in Berlin and we are supposed to be eating at the TV tower which I hear has a nice restaurant in it, so I want to dress nice for the occasion even if I am going to be shopping for most of the day. If the weather keeps up, I am going to have to buy something before the 17th because chattering teeth is not only NOT cute, but crazy looking.

Tommy Hilfiger sweater
Cotton On blouse
OPP Swap Shop
Pocket Watch from Antique Mall

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OOTD | Day 3

Off to Berlin. It is a four hour drive from where I am and I will be with five girls so I need to dress as comfortably as possible. Blue jeans are the pants of choice as it is FREEZING here. I might have to get a different jacket as the one I have for outside attire hasn't been cutting it since I got here!

Monday, December 17, 2012

OOTD | Day 2

Cable knit- Tommy Hilfiger
Dockers Anchor Button up- Salvation Army

 Layers are a big hit here apparently. Thankfully, that's all my wardrope consists of. This look, very casual with my rainboots. Casual chic is all I saw in Bielefeld so I felt right at home!

OOTD | Day 1

Day 1
Sheer cream blouse-Cotton On (sister's closet)
Military jacket-Gap
Purple wool coat- Sears.
Black jeans-Forever 21
Boot Wedges (from Christmas party) -Bongo via Sears

 This outfit I wore for my flight and the first day I was in Bielefeld, mostly because of the 6 hour time change. Note:: if you are going to wear wedges of any kind in the airport, wear Dr. Scholl's. Glad I did. My feet were very happy I did!

TRAVEL::Safe and sound

I will be giving you all some OOTD shortly! Been busy since I landed on Wednesday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

INSPIRATION | Separate but Equal

I've been mulling over what to look for as far as formal attire for this wedding when I get back.   There are some lovely dress silhouettes that I would love to try on should I get the chance overseas, but if I don't, I need a plan B. I was pinteresting the other day and I stumbled across this image:


I could find a simple tank with a a tasteful plunging neckline. Find a winter skirt that is form fitted with some breathing room for dancing and this all could be easily formalized with some wonderful jewelry and a clutch. This might not break the bank either. Here's my inspired look.

INSPIRATION | Separate but Equal

TRAVEL | Leaving on a Jet Plane

I cannot believe today is finally here! After a grueling eleven hour shift yesterday I couldn't wait to get home and chillax with my pal LL. She wanted to see me off today so I told her to come over for a slumber party (if being 13 again is wrong then...just humor me it was only for one night). We did our ritual walk this morning, had a little brunch, and then she, my sister, and I all piled in one car to the airport! Thankfully, I only live eight minutes away so I was able to enjoy the morning with family and friends :)

Anyway, I hope to be able to post pictures of my outfits while I am away. If not, you will be seeing me in 3 weeks! Love you all!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

TRAVEL | How I Pack

Last year, I took a mission trip to Nicaragua. My flight in Orlando was delayed because Obama was flying through Miami and of course he would be in my section so I missed my connecting flight from Miami to Nicaragua. A lot of people missed their flights. Anyway, I arrived in Nicaragua and my check in luggage was not there. The only items in my carry on were 2 pairs of underwear, a pair of shoes, and one outfit change. I was in Nicaragua for a week and a half. My luggage didn't get to me until 2 days before I was supposed to leave. Thankfully I was at an orphanage so I borrowed some clothes from the workers there, but it was still inconvenient.

This time around I didn't want to take that chance and wanted to at least get 3 outfits in my carry on that could be interchanged and last me at least the first week. My carryon luggage is 19" so its somewhat small, but I was determined. I set aside the outfit I would wear on the plane. This would be worn for two days since I would be flying for that amount of time. Then I grouped my outfits together and rolled them together like so:

I then placed a pair of rain boots at the bottom of the suitcase, and then started placing each little log on top and then another pair of shoes on the side of my clothes. All my socks and underwear will go in the other section of the suitcase, and I will put my cameras in the corner of the suitcase. Voila! The remaining clothes will go in the checkin suitcase along with whatever gifts I am bringing.

TRAVEL | 30 for 30 continued

Here are the pieces I am working with for the next three weeks. Keep in mind that my whole fast from clothes shopping ends on the 17th, but when I do shop it will mostly be for that formal wedding I was telling you about in a previous post. After looking at my pieces, I realized I have nothing really with prints or patterns in it, and all my colors are leaning toward black and grey, so come New Year I will be changing that.

3 pants and one pair of leggings

2 skirts

5 sweaters

There are 6 shirts here. One is under the denim shirt.

Two winter vests

Navy Blazer, Lightweight Jacket, A wool coat (which won't get packed)

6 pairs of shoes. I know this seems like a lot, but I wear my shoes out really fast because I am always on the move and if I limited myself to just two pair for three weeks, I might not have anything of them when I get back (rest in peace Sam and Libby combat boots).

Friday, December 7, 2012

FASHION FRIDAYS | Bum to Business

You have been waiting ever so patiently for me to start posting pictures from the shoot with Frankie. Here are looks from my bum casual, casual, business casual, and business attire. Still working on getting cocktail look together, but should have something for you before I fly out next week!

bum casual
Military Jacket::Gap
Green Top and Jeans::Forever21
Oxfords::Rack Room Shoes

Decree Sheer Button up::JCPennys
Jewelry, Shoes, Pants::Forever21

Business casual
Mossimo Denim Shirt::Salvation Army
Ruffled Skirt::Banana Republic
Nude pumps::Forever 21

Decree Sheer Blouse::JCP
Necklace and Bracelet::Forever 21

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Its that time again ladies! Time for me to go hunting for some new reads! Will I see you there?