Saturday, August 31, 2013

BOOK INSPIRED LOOKS | Divergent::Dauntless

DIVERGENT | Dauntless

Dauntless is the faction that focuses on bravery. Their are also the military faction, wearing mostly blacks (think military gothic). I love the structure behind their faction all the while still being untamed.

Friday, August 30, 2013

LIFE | UNCOVERED photo shoot part 2

Yep. I am still here. I am still there too. Praying that all this stuff comes together. I have had a few setbacks, but if anything the experience is challenging me in ways I have not been challenged in a long time. Its unnerving to say the least. Here are a few promo sneak peeks from a month ago (I know. Slacker. But I have a good reason.) I can't wait to show you more!

The Great Gatsby


Where the Wild Things Are

Thursday, August 29, 2013

BOOK INSPIRED LOOKS | Divergent::Abnegation

DIVERGENT | Abnegation

I love reading. While I was in school I was denied the pleasure of reading for...well pleasure. During my last semester, I actually had some down time during interning to pick up a few books. A mixture of Michael Crichton books and a YA book called Divergent (balance. after reading about the space time continuum, a teenage dystopian society deflates the egotism swelling in my brain of surviving a Crichton novel). Bravo Veronica Roth. This is one of the books that will be featured in the fashion show this November, and the stylists have their looks, but I wanted to play around with the interpretation for my own personal wardrobe. So for the next couple of weeks or so I'll be doing segments on book inspired looks (hey I just found my title!)

Anyway, that being said, for those who haven't read the books...just wait till the movie. It might explain the factions better. But a crash course on it all is that there are five factions in a futuristic Chicago that embody five characteristics that are believed to keep humanity from civil unrest. Abnegation is the selfless group, the invisibles if you will and the faction of the protagonist in the story. They wear greys, a very muted color that keeps them from focusing on themselves.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ME WANTS | Sheer Maxi

Free People Maxi Dress {source}
Breezy. Pure breezy. This is what Florida needs to model themselves after: the Parisians. They get an A+ for summer wear.

Friday, August 16, 2013

OOTD | Leather cropped blazer

I am back!...well at least when I have the time. I found this wonderful 100% leather blazer and a matching skirt at Edgewater's thrift store for $18.00! Then I got the new kicks for $15 at C. Russe with a discount my sister got while buying her pair. The darling necklace is from World Market for $10. All under $50. This tomgirl is patting herself on the back!