Monday, March 25, 2013

LIFE | Fashion Show

So you remember how one of my goals this year was to be a part of putting on a fashion show? Weeeeeellll...I have a meeting today with one of the directors from the Art House. I sent her an email about a month ago, and she really liked my idea! So today we are meeting up to discuss the when, the where, and things like budget. Shut up. I know. I will keep you guys in the loop!

Friday, March 22, 2013


My my! I can't believe I went almost a whole week with no posts! My apologies, work is kicking my badonka. Plus I have been preoccupied with creating this lookbook for you lovelies, and trying to get inspiration for my 29th birthday [insert appropriate emoji face here].  I know I can't believe it either. But all the buzz about how to celebrate it got me all nostalgic and I started looking at pictures of me from almost 14 years ago (even that sounds weird). I was a TOM-BOY for sure. No mistake indeed (which explains a lot about me not getting all the boys in the yard back then--not much has changed but at least I had an excuse then!) I thought I would show you one of the few pictures I have of myself from high school (I think I only have about 10). I was 15 in this picture, toward the end of 9th grade and I was (still am) a Lady Vols fan. My wardrobe of choice most days consisted of trackies, sports tee, addidas kicks and my collection of bucket hats. Trimmings usually involved hemp bracelets and shell necklaces (I lived anywhere from 5-25 minutes away from any beach so that was normal jewelry wear). I mostly wore it for comfort and for the fact that my 165 lbs of muscle couldn't fit into most girly clothes without looking like I was trying too hard. Anyway, enjoy this morsel of my past and thank the Lord that this phase passed....eventually :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

OOTD | White as Snow

Green was the apparent color of choice yesterday. Of course since I sport green all year long, I had to go against the grain and wear shades of white.

Leather jacket-I heart Ronson
Sheer top-Forever21
Banana Republic pants-Swap Shop

STYLE CRUSH | Alexandra Per

Hailing from my homeland of Spain, I found this chica on almost two years ago and have been a fan since! Alexander Per makes being a girl look so cool.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BEHIND THE DESK | One little indian

I really love this sweater from Mango. The geometric pattern around the collar puts a simple, modern twist on the native American theme that is recirculating this season. Paired with a mini skirt and some boots and a feathered pendant necklace. Good to go!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Tomgirl Series | The Face of Spring

Spring fashion always seems to mimic (so literally) the flowers coming into bloom, color coming back and sunshine. Looking like an Easter egg was fine and dandy when I was eight, but at 28 I should probably try dressing my age, even if I am still that carefree 8 year old. It seems like the fashion world got the memo is stepping away from traditional avenues of Spring wear. Abstract prints and strong lines mixed with airy colors and material make for a much more grownup yet playful new wardrobe. Here's to Spring.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

SNEAK PEEKS | Tomgirl Lookbook

Yesterday I did some shooting with Frankie, to start getting my spring lookbook together for you ladies! Here are a couple of teasers for you! Follow me on instagram @thetomgirl to see a few a more as the pictures become available!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LIFE OF A TOMGIRL | Girl we scoutin'

Sorry I was MIA for the last two days. If you have been following me on instagram, you would have seen my collages throughout the day of my photo/camping trip I took with two friends of mine. Chris asked if I wanted to go take pictures of an abandoned phosphorus factory. I said sure. Frankie added "Lets go camping too." The problem with camping with guys is surpisingly not having to share a tent; its their lack of preparedness for said adventures. Apparently, this is the hipster thing to do, but that's how McCandles wound up dead in Alaska.

I always get ragged on for "overthinking" and being cautious, but the jokes get tossed to the side when they are hungry and all they brought were milk duds, orange juice, and dried apricots. I admire them for their carefree spirit, being able to breath in toxic remnants of phosphorous, or walk through overgrown bushes without the thought of a reptile living there (we are in everglade country for goodness sakes). At any rate it was nice to live on the edge as long as I was harnessed to an oak tree and I enjoyed the time with my boys and I would do it all again.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Florida suddenly got a blast of cold, so I have been sporting sweaters and sweatshirts the last few days. Should be back in the 70s tomorrow, but for now I must dress for the 40 degrees outside.