Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50 Dollar Challenge | Creams and Whites

Here's my outfit I will be wearing to GENT. Creme de la Creme! For the challenge I spent 37.29! I will pat myself on the back. The whole outfit (including accessories that I have had in my closet for a bit now) cost about 57.79. Cannot wait to show you pics from the GENT. event on Saturday. I will keep you posted!

Anne Klein Blazer- Swap Shop $0
White tuxedo button up- Salvation Army $2.49
Cream Shorts- Goodwill (alterations $12)
Gold Chain Necklace- Bajalia (doesn't factor into my challenge
but I got it on sale for $12.50
after its mark down from $90!)
Nude shoes-  Forever 21 at $22.80

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swap Shop

I have been putting off buying anything for this GENT. event until the swap shop. What is a swap shop you ask? Well, it is where you bring your old clothes to a specified location, and then you get to shop for other people's clothes. It used to be free, but now there is a small entrance fee. Still, I get to grab however many clothes I want. I have never walked away from a swap shop empty handed. This time I actually walked away with newer items (no vintage pieces). I helped Dana of OPP sort through all the men and women clothing for most of the morning, and I get to pull a few items before the actual swap and shop.

I walked away with two dresses, a white blazer (my heart's craving for months) from Anne Klein, a clutch wallet, and four tops. The white blazer I want to go with my cream shorts for the event, so now I just need to find shoes and a top. Trying to figure out the best combo. But so far of my $50 budget for a month, I have spent 12 and that has been for hemming the shorts because the shorts I got almost a year ago. Can I do it? My dilemma is whether or not to wear a top that matches the white blazer or matches the cream shorts. And what color should my shoes be? Decisions. Decisions.

Inspiration? Time for some pinteresting.

Neutral White Colour Trend Spring 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

LIFE | Field Day

My friends T and Jorge and I put together our brand new church's first annual field day. About sixty people from our church, the community, and the surrounding area came to participate. We made flags from the hit Nickelodeon tv show Legends of the Hidden Temple, and made trophies from old vases and silverware. It was a fantastic day! So blessed by these fine folk.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Baby Phat tennis shoes on sale $12.99. My first purchase for September in my $50 Challenge

I do not normally even give a side eye to Baby Phat merch. So many sparkles of bejeweled and bedazzled, my eyes should flock to it like a moth to a porch light. Instead, I try to keep myself from gagging. But I stumbled across the most tame of all the Cats of Phat. So simple, that feline logo did not even phase me. Neither did the price. Mostly because it was on sale for less than $15. The insides are plaid. The soles are a purple felt-like material. I love the caramel brown leather accents on the outside with the grey canvas. I need something casual and street wearable. A tomgirl does not have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. This is both in harmony.

Friday, September 14, 2012

INSPIRATION | Dressed up Dressed down

I just got some tennis shoes. Not running shoes, but normal every day street wear (I will post a pic tomorrow). I want to still look classy, but not done up. I am really loving the monochromatic look in neutral tones, but maybe a bit more fitted like Olivia is pulling off with her leather high tops. Don't really care for her personality, but her style IS impeccable.

Olivia Palermo {source}



I am trying to budget my funds better. My department is taking extensive budget cuts, but instead of letting anyone go, we are all having to split hours. This means less money in my pocket. With me saving money to go to Germany in December, I had to look at where all my money was going with a fine tooth comb.

I am competitive. Even if it is just against myself. So I am giving myself a challenge. I am allotting myself $50 a month for clothes, to buy one full outfit : shoes, top, bottom, accessories. This would also include any tailoring I need to get down should I get an item for cheap or free. I need to upgrade my wardrobe, so full outfits that can be interchanged with other pieces is a MUST.

My overall goal is to be able to function off of less than $300 a month. I KNOW. That is most fashionistas' starter budget for just clothes. Some day. But not really. I want to be practical. I want to eat. And I do not need to sacrifice my style for it. I will do a trial run from now until December to see if this is doable. Then I will take a break till its time for the new season. I want to get my wardrobe to a place where I will not have to update my clothes as frequently as I used to in order to stay in style.

September 30. We will see how it goes. Stay tuned.

OOTD | When in Rain

The rain. I love it. When I am not in it. I like to curl up and read books on rain days. Write long epic fictional stories for my friend in the Philipines. Take extensive naps. I do not like to drive in it or run errands in the rain. Unfortunately, today is not the case, as I have work. Normally, I am extremely casual on rainy days. Extremely casual=borderline bum. But since I have work, that cannot be. I do like rain boots. I think I shall invest in some cuter kind to walk carelessly through puddles, rubbing it in to other Floridians that my feet stay dry while there's are sopping wet in flip flops. They look at me weird because I actually own a pair of rain boots in a hurricane invested state. Silly Floridians.

Perry Ellis button up shirt- Community Thrift
Sweater- Salvation Army
Chinos- Banana Republic
Rain boots- Walmart
Recycled Glass bottle necklace- Bajalia

Getting a photographer

My little Nikon point and shoot is good for videos, but taking indoor photos is not its forte. I have a ton more outfits to share but I am not impressed with how they come out even though I went through the trouble of buying lights and rearranging my room to have my little photo shoots. So I am calling upon my little brother Frankie to take the shots. It works out because he is interested in street fashion and I need pictures taken. Can't wait!

Frankie modeling for me while giving me some photographic pointers. Styled by Josh Owen.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Went to the public fashion show at Millenia with my friend Michael. By far Banana Republic had the best fall collection. Sorry my android photos are so crappy. **Update** here are some photos I finally got off of my camera although the models moved so fast, I cannot guarantee clarity.

Friday, September 7, 2012


I hate that term. That could mean anything. My idea of it is a step up from casual. With style of course. Floridians idea of it is a step down from suits. Still more business than casual. Like bland school uniforms. Khakis and button ups or polos. I have looked pretty drab so far on my first week of internship, all because I am trying to figure out their "business casual". The guys are more business casual than the women, who where tailored dresses and suits. I can't afford that. So I must be creative. I am a graphic designer for goodness sake!

I am still waiting on some things to get altered so for now I have to think business. Which pains me because I lived a year in business attire and I looked like someone else. These to me are more business casual. These, I can do.




Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OUTFIT | Nautical Nonsense

Nautical Nonsense

I recently found a London Fog trench from the forties at a thrift store. In beautiful condition. For 7 dollars. I will be going to Germany in four months and it will be cold. I hope to sport this little number while I am there.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


So many lovely dressed men. Such a pleasant sight. And in Florence no less. Makes me miss my days in Italy. Makes me miss the days when gentlemen looked like gentle men.