Friday, November 30, 2012


The Fridays seem to come a lot faster these days. December is knocking at November's door, eagerly awaiting to come in and take up residency in the grand house of '12.

Dear God,
I appreciate your patience with me. I especially appreciate the strength you have given me this week to emerge from my shell this year and do things I had become cold to the idea of it all.

Dear Mum,
I enjoyed talking to you on the phone Wednesday. Thank you for making me laugh with your wit. I can see I get that from you.

Dear Dad,
AAAH! I love you so much! (And not because of your thin blood ;p ) I am sooo thankful I get to have relationship with a dad who isn't afraid to talk openly about my relationships with guys and offers sound advice as far as how I can grow in a healthy way in that department. Refreshing!

Dear OCLS,
So sad about my last day of interning with you. I am so grateful for the exposure given to me and the freedom to explore my creativity. I hope to work with you soon!

Dear Scratchy throat,
HA! You thought you were going to get me down for the whole week, but you epically failed!

Dear Argo Tea with Ginger bits in it at the 7eleven off 1792,
Um you are pretty much amazing. Thank you for being a small contributing factor to helping me rid of the scratchy throat. Ginger love.

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