Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LIFE | Remnants of Sandy

Although it has been very unfortunate for northerners having to experience the damage of TS Sandy, I cannot help but still thank God for the change in temperature here in Florida. I can't even complain as the icy gusts whip me in the face as I walk around the lake with my wonderful pal Lsquared. We chase the sun, just to warm us a little because we still pleasure in the prickly stings of 50 degree weather. The only pitfall was having to share the sun with the swans, one of which decided to nibble on LL, and several black swans who kept a keen eye on me. My whole perspective on swans has changed since I moved to Orlando. Graceful....lies. They are evil.

Anyway, back to the fact that I love true Fall. Even better still, I love being able to eat soup and not sweat to death! After a lovely morning of walking and making progress on the Narnian case display at work, I was absolutely famished after not having anything for breakfast (shame on me). So I knocked out both breakfast and lunch over at B3 Cafe for black bean soup, and a butternut squash quiche. OMG. The quiche. Butternut squash, GOAT CHEESE, shrooms and a light sprinkle of cheddar. And as you can all see, a lovely portion size for under $8. Yessss. I have to complete it with a pumpkin spice drink of some sort. Mmmhmm. I do love fall.

Friday, October 26, 2012

OOTD | Mad about Plaid


A few days ago I posted about doing a fall shoot with Other Peoples Property. Well, here is just a taste of what went down. I had so much fun (and my stomach enjoyed it as well). I would not consider myself a real model...real models don't get to eat like I did!

Photographer: Becka Robinson

Food: Tony Adams -
Table Setting: Mijanne Wurderman -
Hair: Sarah Vaughn at J. Bauman Salon
MUA: Natalia Edwards at J. Bauman Salon
Wardrobe: Other Peoples Property
Stylist & Producer: Dana Marie Roquemore -

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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The TomGirl Series | Sport and Spice

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JET SET GO | Layering

I am 47 days way from flying back to Europe after being away from it for nearly two decades! I was just shy of my 11th birthday, and I remember being in the Sardinian airport thinking I would never see this side of the world again, and did not care to come back. I have been aching for it ever since.

Germany will be cold. A whopping 45 degrees is said to be the average high in December. I know how to dress for that here, but what is the cold really like over there? I have tons of winter coats and jackets, but to pack all of that can get expensive. Layering is my only other option and I do not want to look like a bag lady just because I am layering. I want to be a jetsetter. Still comfortable without losing style. Here are some items I am on the look out for:

T Shirt Chic.
a nice colored blazer

ankle Senso boots
ankle boots to go over leggings

Mireia M. Barcelona, Spain
rad light weight jackets.

plain and patterned button ups

Karolina Kurkova, leather
leather pants or leggings that can be dressed up or down with heals, boots, or sneakers.

LIFE | Hypoglycemia

"Dear Hypoglycemia,
I would like to personally thank you for inconveniencing me today for three hours. With so many things to do today, you picked the worst possible moment to shut me down. I even bought you a veggie smoothie to keep your spirits high and that was'nt enough. Ingrate. The least you could have done was wash the dishes while I tried to recoop. I take that personally and you will answer to God for that. You're welcome."

Being anemic is hard, but I only ever had to really worry about it once a month. Finding out that you have low blood sugar levels, well that's an even bigger chore as that's an every day worry. Combine hypoglycemia with anemia for a week and things could get ugly if you are not careful. The last month and half, I have thrown my vegetarian diet to the wind to indulge myself and it finally came back to bite me. I rarely eat sweets as that tends to spike my glucose levels only to send me plummeting to the ground when I stand up too fast. I usually eat a lot of fruit and veggies with natural sugar that my body can absorb and on those days when my iron is low, I don't take supplements but juice a lot of iron enriched veggies and drink up. I don't really eat red meat anymore or poultry. Fish yes, but rarely as its pricey.

This month, though, I ignored what had been working for almost a year now and cheated majorly. Big mistake. Three times within a month (including today) I have awakened with heavy breathing, a racing heartbeat, and insane fatigue and heaviness. It really is a scary feeling as you feel like you are slowly dying. I have already passed out 3 times prior to this diet, once in public, twice while at home and not remembering how long I was out. To be alone and have that happen is frightening because all those thoughts go running through your head "Am I going to die here?" "How long before they find my body?" and other nonsense like that.

I am still praying for healing. If not in this life then in eternity will I be made whole, so I can be at peace because His promises are still true regardless of my outcome. As for now, I live. I laugh. I love. More. And I grab another apple for a boost.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Sunday, I attended my college friend's wedding. Our kindred spirit-ness started the day we found we had a mutual admiration for all things Anne Shirley and Jane Austen. She is appropriately named Anne for red hair, and I am Diana only because that is my name mixed around. Anyway, the theme of her wedding was Count of Monte Cristo meets Pride and Prejudice. When I arrived there was a Blue Angel air show happening, with no parking available. This detour a lot of guests from being able to come because the traffic was backed up as the show ended. I am so glad I got there three hours early!

The venue was a Spanish style beach hotel and she got married in the courtyard overlooking the sand dunes. It was extremely breezy so I am so glad I brought my winter peacoat and warm fuzzy slippers for the reception afterwards. It was a reunion for me as well, because she and I were a part of a Christian Frat Chi Alpha so a few people I knew were there and we all reconnected after almost eight years of not seeing each other!

THRIFTING | Stylish Frugality

I recently met up with a friend met a friend for some delicious veggie smoothies and she brought up how she needs to make it to one of the swap shop events so that she could save on clothing and cash. She also asked me how was it that I found great stuff all the time. Answer: thrifting and big sales. As much as I would like to spend money on a really good set of clothing, I just dont have it in my budget.
The next day, on my hunt for all things grey, I happened to get a blazer, two sweaters, two button ups and a pair of pants for $20.

Say what?

Thats right and at Salvation Army. This all got me thinking about how to look great on a dime. I am not an Urban Outfitter girl, so when I go thrifting, I am looking for nice classic pieces not hodge podge things I wore in the eighties and nineties. And I always get at least two outfits out for less than $20. Here are some general rules I follow when styling second hand:

1. Even though I am going to as is store, doesn't mean I don't have a roadmap of what I want. As stated beforw, Pinterest is my inspiration guide as far as pieces I am looking for. and Polyvore are some other good places to get inspiration and to create your own look.

2. Get pieces that won't date. That means the basics. Blazers are good, just  make sure they are cut right. Button ups, certain pants. Make sure you are not getting stuff that is considered currently trending because the moment you buy it, you have lost about 5 seconds of trending value. Look for things that never go out of style.

3. Check the tags. Almost every thrift store I have been to had a colored tag special and certain days when all clothing is 50% off. This is where I get the bang for my buck.

4. If something is a little big or long, you can get it tailored! Remember you are paying change for these clothes and depending how much it is to tailor in your area you will still be paying less than at a retail store.

5. Don't imagine it looking better. You know what I mean. That pattern or style grabbed your heart but it looks somewhat off when you put it on. Do not buy it. It will only sit in your closet for-ev-errrr.

6. Mix and match old with new. Your entire wardrobe does not have to be second-hand. In fact i think its better to buy brand new pieces that you know you will wear A LOT.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Bajalia is where I volunteer from time to time and get great tribal jewelry actually made by women from other countries who otherwise would not have a means to live by. A lot of their textile is pricey, but every once in a while there's a nice sale that I pounce on and grab some interesting and unique pieces. My current wishlist item is the middle picture with the leather and woven purse. I will be waiting for the sale because that beauty will not make me swoon enough for $225.

INSPIRATION | Monochrome

Ok, So I have worn these shoes a lot already, but mostly with things I already own. The shoes were meant to be for my $50 challenge for the month of October, but I haven't quite found what I was looking for. I know I want to do a monochromatic style, but with all shades of grey. I was planning on being completely casual like the picture on the left, but I think I want try the whole dress downed elegance look instead.

I am thinking some nice grey cropped slacks, with a button up sheer top and a simple graphic sweatshirt. Or maybe European casual (which would technically still be dressed up here). Like maybe a flowing dress.