Friday, January 10, 2014


four days ago, i got to witness my former college win the national championship in football. a triumph only accomplished two other times within the last twenty years. they said we couldn't do it despite our perfect 13-0 season. four days ago we proved them wrong.

i screamed until i grew nauseous when we scored a 100-yd touchdown off a punt return with 5 minutes remaining in the game. and when we scored the winning touchdown with less than a minute to play, i went crazy. i cried. i was dizzy. i was buzzed. i even bought a not-worth-a-buck-fifty local newspaper just to have the article about my team plastered on the front.

to be honest, when i was younger, i hated football. but my dad liked to watch it and i liked spending time with him, so i started asking him what everything was. suddenly, i knew what a first down was, and now i could cheer with everyone else with purpose. the game was no longer dull. even golf became nail biting. golf.

 i know this means squat to most of my readers. sports on a girl's blog is not too common and i will spare you the play by play. i'll even throw you a bone and say i wore a grey monochromatic look with a boucle coat, heels and a splash of garnet and gold in my scarf to show off my team spirit. but this is me and what i enjoy and it should not make this a less feminine post.

go noles!


  1. Well, congrats! I'm no football fan, but I know how much it can mean to people--my college roommates were die-hard fans and my dad has ESPN on constant play. The way he and my brother talk about their fantasy football leagues you'd think they were real. Speaking of ESPN (and sports commentary in general) more female voices are popping up and I think it's great to see ladies talk sports alongside the guys and hold their own just as well. I completely agree--being a sports fan and being feminine are not mutually exclusive.

    1. so true! i don't get into the fantasy football thing, but it is funny to watch my dad and mum do it. she is so prissy it is unreal, but the woman loves her a good football, basketball, and yep even nascar sports event. thanks haley!