Wednesday, January 8, 2014


40.5. 34. 26. 38.
shoulders. bust. waist. hips.
just shy of a perfect hour glass,  but my shoulders leave my tops draping shapelessly off them like they were on a hanger. (now there is an understanding of why i abhor shoulder pads) more fitted tops draw more attention to them and i end up looking like an inverted triangle. most of the time i do not notice it, but when i opt for skinny jeans and a baggy top, it becomes apparent that i have cadillac shoulders, and from behind i give off the appearance that i am a slender man. 

no bueno.

but i like my loose fitted items. i also don't like looking like a boy. *le sigh*. more v-necks says one. full skirts says another. am i a fruit or a keeper of time or a pythagorean equation? they make it so complicated, and their suggestions of styles to wear do not suit my tastes.

mitigate the breadth of my shoulders (or look less like a boy from behind).
elongate my torso.

how can i make this happen in a state of simplicity and still keep my sweaters and sweatshirts?

oversized sweater that extends past my hips, but is slimming at the waist

 raglan. duh. why didn't i think of this sooner?
thin sweaters where the shoulder line extends past my shoulders
ok. i can breathe. change doesn't look too bad now.

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