Monday, January 20, 2014


i like to sleep as long as possible. and to the point where it leaves me very little time to spend time on my face. last year for my birthday i purchased my first mary kay products that knocked out at least two extra steps for me in the morning. yes i am lazy like that. but my face should not suffer for it. 

3 in 1 cleanser that tones my face, which i do twice a day. 2 part microdermabrasion is a twice a week sort of thing. its the only thing that hasn't created scars on my face like exfoliating products have in the past.

makeup is the same way. i have gotten it down to under 8 minutes with no more than the use of 5 items: foundation, mascara, blush, lip, and sometimes shadow. the point is not to look bedazzled like a MAC painting. minimalism is key with the purpose to look more put together than i actually am. all of a sudden, no body knows that i am wearing sweats with different colored socks.

foundation:: maybeline fit 355 eye shadow:: ulta lipstick:: mac "spirit" or "chili" blush: mac "sunbasque sheertone shimmer " mascara:: rimmel extra super lash

     there is not much difference between the two except that my face is half a shade darker in the after (the difficulties of finding an exact match for my skin tone). but it is enough to make me look like i am fully awake. my point is minimalism. and to not have to draw on any facial features of any kind, meaning lips, highlights, shadows (no contouring for me. don't have time) or brows.

    i have been asked (and sometimes told) to get my eyebrows done. i have been prodded about this most of my life and have been told i have bushman eyebrows, that i would actually look pretty if i arched them, and many other things. it actually makes me laugh because they think i should pay heed to their advice and taunts. i am not opposed to a well arched eyebrow. but i am ok with my "bushman brows". jennifer connelly is my hero. i go to the salon maybe once or twice a year and spend the rest of the time trying to grow back my brows because too much was taken off. i want to avoid having vulcan-like eyebrows, thanks.


    1. I had a lot of trouble finding my foundation shade too! Did you ever look at Makeup Forever? They have the best that I have tried, and I have literally tried about 100.

    2. Wow. you have amazing, glowing skin! & I'm glad someone else on the planet holds this same ideology about brows--i'd much rather my brows be a bit "overgrown" than to have to fill them in.

      1. i tried it one time and i looked like helga pataki with visibly bold lines drown through the brow to "shape" them...hahahaha i looked horrendous!