Wednesday, January 1, 2014


i had a conversation with a friend several nights ago, while my car ran for hours in her driveway. the journey of becoming a woman. being a woman, well i am not sure what that looks like, but i do not think it is all frills and dolls.

i want to be comfortable being woman. the natural flirtation. the strength in my form and not just my words. being okay with being pretty. i have shunned this part of myself for so long, and i am embarrassed to draw attention to myself.

i have come a long way from baggy clothes. from hiding. from invisibility. but i still haven't quite stepped out, all eyes on me. unnerving. but i can merge the two. i can be the woman in a sports sweatshirt and a pair of heels.

so this is the new chapter of my blog. the new chapter of me. on becoming.

here's to looking forward.

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