Tuesday, January 28, 2014


so i decided for a shorter look. chitty chitty bang-bangs too. 
the whole look is growing on me. i haven't had short bangs since 2007 when i decided to grow my hair out. chin length bobs were my go to styles for a really long time until about five years ago.

i must say this is totally out of my element. after the deed was done and i had to face myself, i realized how incredibly modern this look was and i thought "oh man that means i am really going to have to put forth an effort now." yup. the downside to pinterest is that its search engine does not quite recognize "simple outfits that go with blunt bangs and bob". primitive.

making a public appearance at the smoothie room
kidnapping a friend and going on mini adventures in photobooths


  1. It totally works on you, you look lovely. I think I'd go nuts when I finally get to visit a proper photobooth.

    1. hahaha what does an "improper" photobooth look like?