Thursday, January 17, 2013

TRENDING | Red and Ox

I don't know how many caught the GG last week, and I only caught the end part of it: Hathaway's touching speech and props to Sally Field; Jody Foster's weird rant about having already "come out". I didn't catch the red carpet walk so I missed out on the dresses although I heard Kate Hudson's dress by McQueen was a show stopper. Meh. I mean it was alright. But McQueen almost always does black. What stood out to me was Claire Dane's dress (Versace) when she grabbed her award for Homeland:


The movement was classic and fit her like a glove. I know the red carpet is all about who's daring and stunning, but I like it when stuff just looks good on someone. Plain and simple. And although I was complete mesmerized by the fit of the gown, which is a compliment of her rocking post-baby body, I was in love with the color (which was a much deeper red on tv--curse RGB inconsistencies).

There were a few others from the evening sporting either this electric red or the rich oxblood red. A few days later even saw Meagan Good sporting a red jersey knit on Wendy Williams with red lips. It sounds overpowering, but it looked so nice. I want these colors in my staples collection this year.


ba269c807533941f Watts.xxxlarge 1 Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet Photos: Gowns Are My Favorite Part!


  1. I absolutely adore Claire Daines and she looked stunning!

    Great blog!


    1. thanks helen! your blog is pretty rad too!