Saturday, January 19, 2013

LIFE | Another Wedding

Why am I up so early you might be asking yourself. Well, I am headed to Boca this weekend for yet another wedding! This time it will be by the beach (I will never understand why Floridians choose to have their ceremony by the water between December and March---its so cold!) Anyway, I am picking up some last minute items before (like a sweater and A LOT of lotion!) I head down. I will keep you posted with outfits and such!

The Tomgirl


  1. Hello! Have a safe trip to Boca. I'm getting in some bloghop action before I commence with a very busy saturday. Come visit me at

  2. Traveling mercies and have fun!

  3. Funny you say that it's cold. I've been to 2 Florida beach side weddings now (one held in November, the other in January) and both times the weather was an amazing 80 degrees or more...a MUCH welcomed change from the freezing cold Missouri I flew in from! LOL.

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