Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LIFE | So Funny Story

Not sure how many of you follow me on instagram (@thetomgirl) but if you do, you might have caught my blunder from this weekend. I said I was heading to Boca for a wedding. Drove 3.5 hrs the night before and checked into my hotel. 15 min in I started plan my itinerary for the next day and my route from my hotel to the ceremony. The ceremony...was in Bradenton. 4 hrs away. I morphed into 4 yr old laughing and crying at the same time while doing one of those tantrum dances. I couldnt believe I made such an awful mistake! In five minutes I had my stay cancelled, a hotel booked, and my stuff back in the car. The wedding was beautiful, but I was exhausted! So yeah thats my funny story.
$30 sweater I got a Target for 70% off at $8! And it
matched an old purchased skirt of mine from Banana Republic.


  1. A Floridian I see ;]. I'm from South Florida! I know the feeling and I'm glad you were able to throw some laughs into those tears that's always the best way! And the fact that you made it is amazing, you're a great sport. And now we (readers) know that we can count on you to be on our team ;]. Beautiful ceremony, and glad you enjoyed!


    1. Haha thanks Kimberly! I did enjoy myself. Then I took myself to Busch Gardens next day to let out all of my screaming fits hahaha!