Tuesday, January 8, 2013

INSPIRATION | Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets. There are so many here in Orlando. It reminds me of when my family lived overseas and my mum used to get fresh fruits and veggies from the local vendors. I don't always get my produce from here (Freshville Farms is where its at); a lot of times I go here just for the scene itself. The colors of freshly picked vegetables and flowers. The Saturday winter weather, which is really like a normal fall day in the north. The smell of kettle popcorn and the taste of fresh squeezed orange juice.


That's what lures me to the Farmer's Market. My wardrobe is inspired by the mixture of vibrant vegetable hues and aged smells of cheeses and old wood planks and the crisp coldness of the winter morning air.

Relaxed but alive. That was my goal. A simple thermal and button up sweater, layered with a navy blue blazer and marigold yellow pants, with my trusty oxfords. An Aztec patterned scarf for texture. Never overdone. Never undercooked. It is the happy medium of a tomgirl.