Monday, October 22, 2012


Sunday, I attended my college friend's wedding. Our kindred spirit-ness started the day we found we had a mutual admiration for all things Anne Shirley and Jane Austen. She is appropriately named Anne for red hair, and I am Diana only because that is my name mixed around. Anyway, the theme of her wedding was Count of Monte Cristo meets Pride and Prejudice. When I arrived there was a Blue Angel air show happening, with no parking available. This detour a lot of guests from being able to come because the traffic was backed up as the show ended. I am so glad I got there three hours early!

The venue was a Spanish style beach hotel and she got married in the courtyard overlooking the sand dunes. It was extremely breezy so I am so glad I brought my winter peacoat and warm fuzzy slippers for the reception afterwards. It was a reunion for me as well, because she and I were a part of a Christian Frat Chi Alpha so a few people I knew were there and we all reconnected after almost eight years of not seeing each other!

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