Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LIFE | Hypoglycemia

"Dear Hypoglycemia,
I would like to personally thank you for inconveniencing me today for three hours. With so many things to do today, you picked the worst possible moment to shut me down. I even bought you a veggie smoothie to keep your spirits high and that was'nt enough. Ingrate. The least you could have done was wash the dishes while I tried to recoop. I take that personally and you will answer to God for that. You're welcome."

Being anemic is hard, but I only ever had to really worry about it once a month. Finding out that you have low blood sugar levels, well that's an even bigger chore as that's an every day worry. Combine hypoglycemia with anemia for a week and things could get ugly if you are not careful. The last month and half, I have thrown my vegetarian diet to the wind to indulge myself and it finally came back to bite me. I rarely eat sweets as that tends to spike my glucose levels only to send me plummeting to the ground when I stand up too fast. I usually eat a lot of fruit and veggies with natural sugar that my body can absorb and on those days when my iron is low, I don't take supplements but juice a lot of iron enriched veggies and drink up. I don't really eat red meat anymore or poultry. Fish yes, but rarely as its pricey.

This month, though, I ignored what had been working for almost a year now and cheated majorly. Big mistake. Three times within a month (including today) I have awakened with heavy breathing, a racing heartbeat, and insane fatigue and heaviness. It really is a scary feeling as you feel like you are slowly dying. I have already passed out 3 times prior to this diet, once in public, twice while at home and not remembering how long I was out. To be alone and have that happen is frightening because all those thoughts go running through your head "Am I going to die here?" "How long before they find my body?" and other nonsense like that.

I am still praying for healing. If not in this life then in eternity will I be made whole, so I can be at peace because His promises are still true regardless of my outcome. As for now, I live. I laugh. I love. More. And I grab another apple for a boost.

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