Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LIFE | Remnants of Sandy

Although it has been very unfortunate for northerners having to experience the damage of TS Sandy, I cannot help but still thank God for the change in temperature here in Florida. I can't even complain as the icy gusts whip me in the face as I walk around the lake with my wonderful pal Lsquared. We chase the sun, just to warm us a little because we still pleasure in the prickly stings of 50 degree weather. The only pitfall was having to share the sun with the swans, one of which decided to nibble on LL, and several black swans who kept a keen eye on me. My whole perspective on swans has changed since I moved to Orlando. Graceful....lies. They are evil.

Anyway, back to the fact that I love true Fall. Even better still, I love being able to eat soup and not sweat to death! After a lovely morning of walking and making progress on the Narnian case display at work, I was absolutely famished after not having anything for breakfast (shame on me). So I knocked out both breakfast and lunch over at B3 Cafe for black bean soup, and a butternut squash quiche. OMG. The quiche. Butternut squash, GOAT CHEESE, shrooms and a light sprinkle of cheddar. And as you can all see, a lovely portion size for under $8. Yessss. I have to complete it with a pumpkin spice drink of some sort. Mmmhmm. I do love fall.

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