Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swap Shop

I have been putting off buying anything for this GENT. event until the swap shop. What is a swap shop you ask? Well, it is where you bring your old clothes to a specified location, and then you get to shop for other people's clothes. It used to be free, but now there is a small entrance fee. Still, I get to grab however many clothes I want. I have never walked away from a swap shop empty handed. This time I actually walked away with newer items (no vintage pieces). I helped Dana of OPP sort through all the men and women clothing for most of the morning, and I get to pull a few items before the actual swap and shop.

I walked away with two dresses, a white blazer (my heart's craving for months) from Anne Klein, a clutch wallet, and four tops. The white blazer I want to go with my cream shorts for the event, so now I just need to find shoes and a top. Trying to figure out the best combo. But so far of my $50 budget for a month, I have spent 12 and that has been for hemming the shorts because the shorts I got almost a year ago. Can I do it? My dilemma is whether or not to wear a top that matches the white blazer or matches the cream shorts. And what color should my shoes be? Decisions. Decisions.

Inspiration? Time for some pinteresting.

Neutral White Colour Trend Spring 2012


  1. i think in this color family, there's so much you can do! i'm not fashion expert, but i think if you with a white blazer and cream shorts, i think it could be either white or cream, but it might be nice if you tried a lace top (like one of those cheap ones at forever 21). i don't know, just a thought!
    now i'm wondering if we have a swap event in atlanta like this!

    morgan @

    1. I went looking for the lace at two different XXI, targets, JCP, and HM and wouldn't you know couldn't find anything in my size or within my price range :/ ***spoiler alert** I ended up being able to find a white button up with this cool collar and pleated front section at Salvation Army on sale for 2.50! Score! Cannot wait to post when I get my full outfit together!