Friday, September 14, 2012

OOTD | When in Rain

The rain. I love it. When I am not in it. I like to curl up and read books on rain days. Write long epic fictional stories for my friend in the Philipines. Take extensive naps. I do not like to drive in it or run errands in the rain. Unfortunately, today is not the case, as I have work. Normally, I am extremely casual on rainy days. Extremely casual=borderline bum. But since I have work, that cannot be. I do like rain boots. I think I shall invest in some cuter kind to walk carelessly through puddles, rubbing it in to other Floridians that my feet stay dry while there's are sopping wet in flip flops. They look at me weird because I actually own a pair of rain boots in a hurricane invested state. Silly Floridians.

Perry Ellis button up shirt- Community Thrift
Sweater- Salvation Army
Chinos- Banana Republic
Rain boots- Walmart
Recycled Glass bottle necklace- Bajalia