Thursday, September 19, 2013

BOOK INSPIRED LOOKS | The Great Gatsby::Jordan

The Great Gatsby | Jordan

Although I didn't care so much for the new version of Gatsby (I haven't seen the older versions but I heard they are no better) I couldn't help but drool over Jordan Baker's wardrobe. She was my one consolation to enduring to the end. Jordan was a golfer and from the book a not so decent golfer, but an athlete non-the-less. Florida winters are normally northern states' fall, and normally you would see people walking around with their favorite college sweatshirt, shorts/pants and flip-flops. Never quite understood the concept, but here's something way more sophisticated if you must indeed wear sandals in the winter Floridians. A thin bomber or varsity jacket with a nice boyfriend coat draped over it and underneath it all some high waisted pants and mid-drift top to make you less toasty.

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