Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BOOK INSPIRED LOOKS | The Great Gatsby::Gatsby


The Great Gatsby is always depicted with women in fringe and pearls, and the men in tuxes all living the party life If you are wealthy, I am sure this is not far from your reality, but for us folk who come from small beginnings, style must blend in with practicality. Jay Gatsby did business in an unconventional way: he was a bootlegger disguised as an "Oggsford" man. This look sheds the normal suit and tie attire for the office (why can't they just say Dress code: Must look presentable) and takes the whole mullet approach: business in the front party in the back. Simple shirt, chino, and tie, with a loafer instead of the normal oxfords and paired with a fun quilted moto jacket. All black, with a hint of green, keeping the memory of Daisy close to his heart.

Want to try the tomgirl version? Simple! Try a sheer black button down instead and add some heels if you like.

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