Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BOOK INSPIRED LOOKS | The Great Gatsby::Daisy

The Great Gatsby | Daisy

Can you tell from the last look and this look, that I am in love with quilted things? After buying my first quilted jacket in Germany last year (geeyah I can't believe tis almost a year!) I have been looking for some good quilted jumpers to pair with slim pants and flowing skirts. I went a more traditional route with Daisy's look with a chiffon pleated midi-skirt and a straw cloche, but broke away from it with the geometric quilted jumper from Topshop. Florida summers can be brutally unpredictable and our autumns are only slightly cooler summers. I am indoors mostly where it is cold, so a top like this doesn't bother me so much. Plus lighter colors reflect the light, so the thought of a light jumper doesn't seem quite as agonizing.

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