Friday, February 1, 2013


I recently purchased Revlon's nail art line in red for the wedding I had two weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how well two coats lasted (I just took it off yesterday because it started chip--I work with my hands A LOT so for it to make it almost a full two weeks with little chipping is impressive).

Anyway, I know some of you are nail fiends so my first giveaway is the nail color of your choice. Your question:

Star Wars or Star Trek.

*remember to participate you must be a subscriber and comment below


  1. ooo, i love the pink one! I have to choose Star Trek--because growing up with a father who is a lifelong "trekkie"--i would be disowned if i were to choose the other. lol


  2. Not answering to participate in the giveaway but- Star Wars unless we're talking Star Trek with Picard. I love the questions! :)

  3. Two weeks without chipping? That's pretty amazing. And for me, star wars all the way. Pretty sure I had a childhood crush on Han Solo.

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