Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FASHION FRIENDS | The Originative

I am not sure how many categories I will create as this blog continues to go. This is my first year so I am [as a graphic designer] in the sketching and roughs stage, so I am throwing every idea on the wall and seeing which ones stick. Anyway, this segment I want to highlight fashionable friends of mine here in the Orlando area. Some have blogs, pages, sites, something that you can follow, while others I just deem inspirational and stylish.

Meet Paulina of the husband/wife duo The Originative.

Photo Cred: Raychel Armstrong

I met her two years ago while volunteering with Bajalia. For her (and her husband Paul) fashion is defined by HER and not the other way around. She makes everything look effortless but so cool and cohesive, I wish I had her brain. She is a French speaking Polish-bred Canadian citizen from Montreal who married her American boy and blessed Florida with her awesome personality and creative style. You will be seeing more of this little lady, but for now you can follow her and her husband on instagram @theoriginative.

 The Originative blog is now up and running as well! I am so happy that people like them exist here in Florida. Not only are they tres cool, but they are the sweetest couple you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Please go and support by following them!

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