Sunday, February 24, 2013

BEHIND THE DESK| Sugar Plum Fairy

I am not a huge fan of color coordinating an outfit so that my shoes match my purse or the little flecks of blue in my blouse. It seems too calculated and time consuming. My mother spent weeks trying to find matching shoes to a gown she was wearing to a debutante ball she was invited to and even argued with me over my suggestion with going with a silver shoe because she said the colors wouldn't match (she had yet to try the combo). To me I find, you put yourself in a box. But I do so much love monochromatic outfits especially in blacks and neutrals, but I wanted to see how well it worked with other more saturated colors. Its one of those things where you don't have to put so much time in thinking about what matches because its all in the same family. I like to break it up with a different color shoe (for some reason it always feels like too much whenever the shoe matches everything else.

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  1. Cute! I like the different shades they all compliment each other.