Monday, December 10, 2012

TRAVEL | Leaving on a Jet Plane

I cannot believe today is finally here! After a grueling eleven hour shift yesterday I couldn't wait to get home and chillax with my pal LL. She wanted to see me off today so I told her to come over for a slumber party (if being 13 again is wrong then...just humor me it was only for one night). We did our ritual walk this morning, had a little brunch, and then she, my sister, and I all piled in one car to the airport! Thankfully, I only live eight minutes away so I was able to enjoy the morning with family and friends :)

Anyway, I hope to be able to post pictures of my outfits while I am away. If not, you will be seeing me in 3 weeks! Love you all!


  1. Adorable outfit! :) I drove my boyfriend to the airport Monday morning (4 am fog - not fun). Btw, do you know of any good places to watch the airplanes come in?

    Anyway, have a safe happy trip!!!

    Ps- don't feel bad about the slumber party- I still like to have my friends over for those, too.

    1. i wish i knew! they normally fly out of different terminals not near the entry. if you don't mind being outside to watch, you can maybe pull over on the south side of the airport and watch near the satelite parking (i have no idea what that means).