Saturday, December 8, 2012

TRAVEL | 30 for 30 continued

Here are the pieces I am working with for the next three weeks. Keep in mind that my whole fast from clothes shopping ends on the 17th, but when I do shop it will mostly be for that formal wedding I was telling you about in a previous post. After looking at my pieces, I realized I have nothing really with prints or patterns in it, and all my colors are leaning toward black and grey, so come New Year I will be changing that.

3 pants and one pair of leggings

2 skirts

5 sweaters

There are 6 shirts here. One is under the denim shirt.

Two winter vests

Navy Blazer, Lightweight Jacket, A wool coat (which won't get packed)

6 pairs of shoes. I know this seems like a lot, but I wear my shoes out really fast because I am always on the move and if I limited myself to just two pair for three weeks, I might not have anything of them when I get back (rest in peace Sam and Libby combat boots).

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