Monday, December 24, 2012

Tomgirl Series | All I want for Christmas

Tomgirl Series | All I want for Christmas

Mango oversized top
$49 -

AllSaints short coat

Nixon gold jewelry

Nikon 1 Cameras

Today I am celebrating Christmas on its Eve as is  customary here in Germany. It really does not seem strange at all to be spending Christmas away from my parents as sister as I feel so at home here! I had to do a little more shopping today, but not too much. While in Bremen, the girls took me to Primark where I got a few things they don't have in the States, aaaannnd I got my first Zara purchase for the wedding I have to attend when I get back. It is a dress, just below the knee, vneck, and with long sleeves. The material is quite versatile so I do not have to worry about not being able to wear it again! I was on the hunt for a military structured coat, but have not been able to find one in my price range even though there are a ton of them over here. Leather pants, they have become so chic when worn right. Still want some lace up wedges. I think they are so dope. Anyway time to go spend time with the family. What do you all wish for Christmas?


  1. The gold Nixon... Pretty!

    Germany sounds amazing! I'm happy to hear you're thriving there (and shopping!!! :D)

    Merry Christmas, pretty girl!

    1. Thanks lovely lady! Oh when I was flying back to the states the airport in hannover has skybox view of the runway where families can actually sit and watch the planes fly away for about 3 euros. I thought of you and was like man if only they had these in American airports, because I miss being able to watch the planes come in and out! Hope your christmas lovely! Have some much blog reading to catch up on!