Tuesday, April 15, 2014

T H I R T E E N // T H I R T Y : How I viewed my future

acording to allwomenstalk.com i should have accomplished these thirty things before my third decade of living:

travel to paris. dream job. volunteer for a cause. visit all 50 states (hahaha...are you serious?). big road trip. travel solo. get a passport. fall in love. buy your first home. have a baby. visit nyc on nye. the list goes on. and there are more like this that could easily make you feel like you have yet to accomplish anything in your life.

so i decided to create my own list of things i have accomplished and after i did it my collage of experience is far more interesting than i mapped out for myself when i was thirteen.

graduate from college in two and a half years.
become a family lawyer.
get married by twenty-two.
have two kids by twenty-six.
own a home by twenty-eight.

graduated from two colleges.
became a graphic designer.
apart of several grassroots social justice movements.
road tripped from florida to missouri, alone.
been to south america once.
been to central america four times.
europe three times in my life.
been to every state on the east coast, a few in the midwest, and two on the west coast.
managed my first magazine and fashion show.
started my own business.
published my first book by twenty-two.
have learned a new language.
have been in two dance performances, small and large scale.
and the best part, i haven't even lived yet.

so here is my challenge. try to remember when you were young and what your life goals were. write them all down. then write down all that you have accomplished. don't put down what you haven't or what failed. you may find that God's winding path is a lot more interesting than your straight forward plan.


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for putting things into perspective. Just last night I was thinking about how much I want to accomplish by 30 and I'm almost 29. Feel like I am setting myself up for failure but need to remind myself of what I HAVE done.


    1. Aww yay Camille! I am glad I could encourage you! Chin up!

  2. This is a sweet post. You've certainly achieved a bit more than your 13-year-old self could have imagined. And happinesses/contentment. It's great how our goals change as we change and how we can find pride, happiness and satisfaction from way different things. [YOU DO NOT LOOK THIRTY]