Monday, March 10, 2014


sixty balls. five dollars. one girl and her bat.

i haven't been to a batting cage since i was thirteen. it did not take long for the bat and i to become comrades. its amazing what the muscles remember. the manager said i had a solid form and a good swing. dad had a hand in that. my sister stated that all the silly guys in my life had a hand in that. i'll admit, this is a great stress reliever, even if i will feel this in the morning.

my sister showed off her ambidextrous skills hitting straight toward centerfield, homeruns at that. symmetric to the bone. we tried out baseballs our last round. it turns out i hit smaller objects better than big objects.

we ate a champions' meal at hubbly bubbly, a new greek hub in college park. simple menu. grrrrreat baklava. the owner, georgie, i can't even. so adorable.

georgie, the owner. full of laughs, fun, and hugs.

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