Friday, March 14, 2014


 if you want to keep a classic look from being too straight up, a bold pattern or print can make a huge impact. start with a print that is small in scale. choose one that either has tonal colors or very few colors. --amanda brooks, i love your style p57

as i have been packing up my stuff, i realized how color did not exist. denim, black, grey, and army green have been my staples since last june. not that i am scared of color, i have just been trying to figure out what color looks like for me now that o think i have a better handle on my style.

in the meantime, i decided to ease into patterns. i spotted this jumper a month ago, but the line to this particular forever21 was excrutiatingly long just to try it on, so i put it back and tried to see if i could find it elsewhere. as you can see, i did, and was thoroughly happy that it fit.


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    1. it is my go to for sure! except i always seem to have to go to the bathroom a lot more when i wear it, which is a chore! hahaha