Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wowzas. I have been away for an incredibly long time. What have I been doing with myself and why haven't there been any recent fashion photos? Well for the last month and a half I have been overseeing other photo shoots and working on the upcoming fashion show that I told you all I wanted to accomplish this year. Then a week ago, my "tom" got the better of me and I sprained my ankle playing basketball. I won, so that it is all that matters. I got dubbed "Crutchy" (for any Newsies fans out there) by my sister and I have been hobbling around ever since then.

I did happen to squeeze in a photo shoot with OPP this past Wednesday, while balancing most of my weight to my good foot, so as soon as I get those pictures I will post them for sure! But I do have a lot of post coming up this week because I have been pinteresting like crazy trying to get inspired for the summer, which for Florida has been here since January. Anyway, stay up to date on my life via my INSTAGRAM, swollen foot, wild things, and all.

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