Thursday, June 20, 2013

LIFE | UNCOVERED photo shoot Part 1

Moving. Work. Watching Fish. UNCOVERED. Or should that be more prioritized as UNCOVERED. Work. Moving. Watching fish. ? The last month  and a half I have been scrambling to find models, locations, and backers for my project UNCOVERED. Tuesday stylists The Originative finished their shoot on the book entitled Divergent. I showed up right as they were getting their first model out in front of the camera, and literally my heart skipped a beat. This is happening, flashes through my mind. I feel the energy in the room. Paul and Paulina are exuding enthusiasm. It is the coolest thing to witness someone completely in love with fashion. Not a snob that thinks they know it all. But someone who is genuinely thrilled about clothes taking form on someone's body. Its infectious.

This is not a routine for them. This is a new endeavor, only every day. Words cannot express how elated I was to see them in their element. They went beyond my expectations and I am super excited to see what they intend to reveal at the show in November!

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