Friday, August 1, 2014


i received this book for my birthday from the originative last year, but i was in the process of moving so it got stored away in a box. i finally got a chance over the weekend to actually read the first chapter and skim 
through the rest after being intrigued from what i had read so far.

i could not have read this at a better moment.

i found my closet in a state of crisis several weeks ago. one could possibly mistaken it for a boy's wardrobe save maybe the three skirts that i have. i have been buying mostly for comfort (and making sure comfort looks good) but i had nothing to dress up a pair of khakis. i had to make a rule for myself that if i dominated in tom i would have to off center it with some girl and vice-versa.

my signature.

 a signature is like a rule, but it's more permanent and noticeable. it is a part of your look so constant that it defines you, makes you stand out, and becomes part of your fashion identity. ---amanda brooks, i love your style, p26

this book is all about discovering your personal style and how to take staple items and make it your own. i thought i would spend the next few posts blogging about this book, and my new purchases i will be making over the next six months to build up a strong wardrobe that i will hopefully never have to get rid of.

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