Monday, February 3, 2014


three days ago i realized how out of shape i was. my diet has been pretty healthy, so my weight has not gotten too much out of control, but last year's business with the show (video to come soon) left me pretty inactive. 
this year is about loving my body again, get it back to what it was two years ago.

i started looking up apps to help keep me on track. i went through 2 exercise tracking apps and 3 diet based apps before i found something that work for me. sports tracker and my fitness pal.

seriously, my fitness pal is fantastic. its thorough and user friendly, and has a barcode scanner on it so you don't have to type in all the nutrient facts. if i eat more than one serving size, i can change the number and it will calculate the calories and what have you. (okay done sounding like an infomercial--back to your regularly scheduled program.

i also decided to start doing exercise routines via youtube. i decided to go with circuit training. its 45 minutes long. the first day i only got through twelve minutes. the second day i made it to twenty. i am so uncool.

julian 2. me a depressing 0.


  1. I downloaded "My Fitness Pal" .... Now I just need to use it. Totally out of shape. :/ Good luck with it!

    1. Haha. Its been keeping me on track for almost a week now and i have lost about four pounds from just watching my intake! Good luck Wendy!