Wednesday, May 22, 2013

STYLE CRUSH | Zoe Saldana

My first celebrity style crush. Normally, I try to search for the unknown and known blogsters of the fashion realm, but come on--its Zoe Saldana. On the red, her evening wear is almost always sporting a plummeting necklines, exposed shoulders, geometric cut outs, or a mini to show off her ballerina legs that go on "fuh days".

Off the carpet, and into the streets of every day wear and small social events, her simplicity in color and pattern palette is makes her the most striking in my opinion. There is the straight forward approach about her style, that says "I like comfort, but I don't have to be a slob about it." She airs on the side of blacks and greys and plays casually with her accessories. Not a lot of fuss. Zoe. Live long and prosper.




1 comment:

  1. Definitely like her style, she doesn't have to try hard to look classy & trendy. The last gray outfit is my favorite one :)
    Abi K