Thursday, April 18, 2013

LIFE | Birthday Outfit Ideas

One of my favorite childhood movies is HOOK, the continuing story of Peter Pan. Tomorrow I will be 29. I am excited and scared at the same time because I feel like I have been in my twenties forever, so this being my last year before I can no longer say "I'm twenty___" really zoomed me into the realization that I am getting older. That time is continually chasing after me. It is sobering. Saturday, I am having a HOOK inspired birthday party. Adult attire, but child inspired. Friends will dress up as either a lost boy, indian or a pirate. I was torn between being Peter Pan or Wendy. I am going shopping with my friend Chelsea, so I am looking for some inspiration.


  1. Gah- Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you were Wendy (I was named after her). She's an adventurer with common sense. :)

    1. I was totally wendy!! But my silly self forgot to have someone take a picture of me in my outfit!! Oh well YOLO hahahaha!