Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LIFE | Moving

3 weeks and counting.

Its all bitter sweet. It will be the first time that my sister and I will be living in the same city, but not under the same roof. Out of the 28 years that I have known her, only 6 of those years involved us living separate.  That's cray. Real cray.

A week ago I asked around and within 2 hrs I had 4 responses. Today, I got the keys. God is good.

There's no closet, so there will be some downsizing. I bought 24 hangers, and had to choose which clothes would make it to my new makeshift closet. Everything will be donated.

My new room will have plenty of sunlight and plenty of wall space, so it's time to invest in a full length mirror for better OOTD pictures!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

STYLE CRUSH | Zoe Saldana

My first celebrity style crush. Normally, I try to search for the unknown and known blogsters of the fashion realm, but come on--its Zoe Saldana. On the red, her evening wear is almost always sporting a plummeting necklines, exposed shoulders, geometric cut outs, or a mini to show off her ballerina legs that go on "fuh days".

Off the carpet, and into the streets of every day wear and small social events, her simplicity in color and pattern palette is makes her the most striking in my opinion. There is the straight forward approach about her style, that says "I like comfort, but I don't have to be a slob about it." She airs on the side of blacks and greys and plays casually with her accessories. Not a lot of fuss. Zoe. Live long and prosper.




Thursday, May 16, 2013

LIFE | Fashion show at lunch! (In honor of the final OFFICE episode)

I have finally got my kickstarter up and running for my fashion show idea I pitched to Art House Orlando nearly four months ago! Its called UNCOVERED Go have a look see and if you would like to support with a donation, I would greatly appreciate it!! I am hoping to have a promo video up sometime in the next week or so. Also to stay up to date on the project after the kickstarter is complete head over to the facebook page! Thanks ladies!

Monday, May 13, 2013

ACCESSORIES | Tigress Necklace

Another beaut from Italy's Zara: This wonderful neck piece. My sister was on the hunt to find me Kenzo head gear (hey she found a real Prada bag at an Italian church rummage sale) the Kenzo motif is an open mouthed tiger. This was no Kenzo, but she knew I would wear this...A LOT! And they go nicely with the tribal print leggings she got for me too!

Friday, May 10, 2013

OOTD | Skinny Camo

My sister got back from a three month stay in Italy, and came bearing gifts! Per request, I got some camo skinnies! Boots are Nordstrom Rack and purse is from Francesca's Boutique, both birthday presents.