Thursday, January 31, 2013

GIVEAWAY| 14 Days of Tomgirl Love

Alright, so I have been carefully searching for 14 pieces to give away for the next two weeks until V-day and tomorrow I will kick it off with the first object. All you have to do is be subscribed to my blog and answer whatever question I post along with the gift! Prizes range from nail polish to purses, from Revlon to Forever21 so please check in tomorrow for the first gift! Hope to see you all there!

Monday, January 28, 2013

OOTD | Color blocking

I know this trend was in and out before I could blink, but I still love the idea of colliding bright colors that just invite spring and summer in.

Friday, January 25, 2013

READS | Timeline by Michael Crichton

Now that I am officially done with school, I wanted to get back into reading for pleasure again. I got hooked on the Veronica Roth series last September, but with the third installment not set to release until this fall, I needed a non-dystopian read. My friend's brother is an avid Michael Crichton fan and suggested this or Jurassic Park. I am still scarred from the films, and the thought quantum physics and multiuniverse jumping set in medieval France intrigued me a bit more. So I started reading in November but couldnt devote enough time to it till I got back from my trip. Then yesterday for about three hours and then this morning for about five hours I read and got through 21hrs of the book.


Oh. Yeah. There are no chapters. Only how much time the characters have left before they are stuck in 1357 for-everrrr. So anyway, only eight hours into this book and I only have about 100 pages left. The language is rough and I could do without all the mindless swearing, but other than that the book is very intriguing.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

STYLE CRUSH | Jac Jagaciak

I have to say, even this model's name is pretty stylish. Of course when you're a model and you dress down like Jac, you still look like you dressed with purpose. I think the secret to her not looking like a boy is her hair. {Source}

Jac Jagaciak 

  Jac Jagaciak
  Jac Jagaciak

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LIFE | So Funny Story

Not sure how many of you follow me on instagram (@thetomgirl) but if you do, you might have caught my blunder from this weekend. I said I was heading to Boca for a wedding. Drove 3.5 hrs the night before and checked into my hotel. 15 min in I started plan my itinerary for the next day and my route from my hotel to the ceremony. The ceremony...was in Bradenton. 4 hrs away. I morphed into 4 yr old laughing and crying at the same time while doing one of those tantrum dances. I couldnt believe I made such an awful mistake! In five minutes I had my stay cancelled, a hotel booked, and my stuff back in the car. The wedding was beautiful, but I was exhausted! So yeah thats my funny story.
$30 sweater I got a Target for 70% off at $8! And it
matched an old purchased skirt of mine from Banana Republic.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

LIFE | Another Wedding

Why am I up so early you might be asking yourself. Well, I am headed to Boca this weekend for yet another wedding! This time it will be by the beach (I will never understand why Floridians choose to have their ceremony by the water between December and March---its so cold!) Anyway, I am picking up some last minute items before (like a sweater and A LOT of lotion!) I head down. I will keep you posted with outfits and such!

The Tomgirl

Friday, January 18, 2013


Wow I can't believe I have had so much to say in the last six months! 100 posts already? I don't believe it, but its true. So should I talk about? Hmm. Well, I think maybe I should explain a bit what is a tomgirl since it graces your faces in the title bar. Two years ago....actually lets go back even further. Almost four years ago, I turned 25 and realized the clothes I had really didn't represent me as a continually transforming human being. It was extremely hard finding clothes that I liked because I had pretty much defined myself as a tomboy for most of my life, but I  desperately wanted to feel like a woman, just without all the frills. Everything in the store that was targeted to my age bracket was geared toward either the working woman or the party polyester blend girl. I even (I kid you not) submitted a video to What Not to Wear because I was absolutely frustrated with the way that I dressed. I looked like a boy with makeup on.

Then about three years ago Janelle Monae got really popular with her iconic updo and feminine tuxedo and shortly there after women's fashion went back to the androgynous phase, only this time femme touches were added. Not only that but blogs like Tomboy Style hit my radar (so thankful for it) and redefined what a tomboy was. It wasn't just about playing with the boys in boy's clothes, but about the liberty of being a woman beyond social and cultural constraints.

I know, pretty heavy for such a simple lifestyle.

So with that in mind, I thought long and hard about myself. I love screaming at the top of my lungs at a basketball game, running faster than the boys, getting dirty, seeing if I have the loudest burp, and being a kid when moments allow it. But I also love feeling pretty, twirling around in a circle till my skirt fans out, crossing my legs at the ankles, and turning heads as I saunter into a room. And I want to do it with out making a fuss every day. I want to stick it to the man like Katherine Hepburn, but do it with the grace of Kelly, and the appeal of Rita Hayworth. Ohhh, so I am a vintage dame as well.


So tomgirl? Well, to me its the mixture of the simplicity but wildness of a tomboy and the refinement and elegance of a woman. Shirt pants shoes. Not boring, just not over accessorized. I have been practicing more with makeup as I have gone most of my life without it on a regular basis. Simple statement pieces that stand out just enough to where you hear its sultry whisper beckoning you to come closer.

Its been a long endearing process of perfecting my style and I am no where near it, but I am happy with the results so far. I want to make sure I am always evolving in this current world, but never forgetting what the past has contributed.

That all being said, I want to have a giveaway in February. 14 days of TOMGIRL love. I haven't figured out what I am giving away yet, but it will definitely be something that I have seen most of my readers drool over (yes I do read your blogs even if I don't comment all the time :) ) So keep reading on! February will be here sooner than later and you don't want to miss what I have for you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TRENDING | Red and Ox

I don't know how many caught the GG last week, and I only caught the end part of it: Hathaway's touching speech and props to Sally Field; Jody Foster's weird rant about having already "come out". I didn't catch the red carpet walk so I missed out on the dresses although I heard Kate Hudson's dress by McQueen was a show stopper. Meh. I mean it was alright. But McQueen almost always does black. What stood out to me was Claire Dane's dress (Versace) when she grabbed her award for Homeland:


The movement was classic and fit her like a glove. I know the red carpet is all about who's daring and stunning, but I like it when stuff just looks good on someone. Plain and simple. And although I was complete mesmerized by the fit of the gown, which is a compliment of her rocking post-baby body, I was in love with the color (which was a much deeper red on tv--curse RGB inconsistencies).

There were a few others from the evening sporting either this electric red or the rich oxblood red. A few days later even saw Meagan Good sporting a red jersey knit on Wendy Williams with red lips. It sounds overpowering, but it looked so nice. I want these colors in my staples collection this year.


ba269c807533941f Watts.xxxlarge 1 Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet Photos: Gowns Are My Favorite Part!

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